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We provide a broad range of services, including home additions, extensions, remodels, and upgrades. As experienced architects, we will assist you every step of the way by designing, installing, and constructing your dream house. Altadena Remodeling Services is a privately owned and operated remodeling contractor business.


Our consultants are committed to designing a design that meets your specific needs whilst working with you on a daily basis during the process, with a dedication to excellent craftsmanship and ethical excellence. You can feel certain that the work will be completed in the most efficient manner possible, adding the least amount of disruption to your life.


Enable Altadena Remodeling Services to help you transform your remodeling dreams into a fact. Our distinct full-service remodeling approach is focused on serving our clients from idea to completion.


Kitchen Remodel Altadena California 

You may need to be careful through the kitchen remodeling phase, but the end result will be a kitchen that you love and are proud to show off to family and friends. We'll work with you to create a smooth kitchen flow using design concepts that represent your personality. We will walk you through the process of selecting cabinetry, fixtures, and finishes that will render your kitchen a warm and inviting space.


Modifying the hardware on the cabinets, refacing them, or replacing them are both examples of minor upgrades. You may even patch the scuffed floor or resurface the countertops. Simple changes like this can make a significant difference in your bed. Minor enhancements to a full-scale luxury remodeling scheme are all possibilities for kitchen remodeling.


Bathroom Remodel Altadena California

Professional architects and craftsmen complete our work, ensuring that you are fully pleased with your home remodel or renovation from start to finish. It should be more than just a place to get ready; it should also be a place to relax and refresh.


Our skilled team of designers and craftspeople is ready to transform your ideas into practice. From subtle updates to major bathroom overhauls, transitional to modern trends, we'll turn your current bathroom into a space that reflects your vision and desires.


Home Remodel Altadena California

Whatever project you have in mind, our remodeling services and experienced handymen will complete it in a timely and high-quality fashion. We also completed Altadena building projects. Altadena Home Remodel offers full-service design-build home remodeling that honors you with excellent design and realistic features.


Home Addition Altadena California

There is no need to move because you can renovate. Our team has the skills and expertise needed to physically expand your home while still upgrading its exterior. We would consistently assist you in developing a scope of work and assembling all interior finishes, including furniture, flooring, countertops, tile, and paint, before we have sketched.


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From whole-house remodels and kitchen upgrades to bathroom redesign and cabinet repair, our construction team has worked with hundreds of homeowners to reveal the true value of their homes. Give us a call to get started!